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A collection created to bring love and joy to your life, and make you cry with happiness


Butterflies and Beasticles

How can something caterpillar metamorphose to fritillary?

It’s just not believable that it’s achievable that something so

hairy turns into a fairy and gladdens our hearts as it flutters

and darts like the angel’s share that joins the air in the distillery


Succulent Strawberries

Strawberries are heart –shaped

It isn’t accidental

Teamed with chocolate and champagne

That’s only fundamental

Improving the sensation

Of all loving celebration

I’ve eaten a whole punnet,

Now I’m feeling sentimental


Precious Pussies

Furry, purry, fluffy ball.

Scratches, catches snatches all.

Make a beeline for your feline

And forestall the caterwaul.


I love everything

Cats from Kinkelly, bitches from Peking

Bevys of beautiful birds on the wing

Fritillary fusions, silken horses on strings

These are a few of my favourite things


Puppy passion

Muddy, cruddy, floody, status in the study

Had to sneak a stiff gin, hiding in the kitchen

Spent all day with floor cloths trying to tidy up

Yes of course you’ve guessed it -I’ve just been sold a pup


Amphibian Amours

“We don’t have the standing, the French are the top dogs

We need some more practice, we great British bulldogs

Out techniques are rusty in romance and snogs

So let’s get out there and kiss some more frogs.”


British Delight

Silk scarf featuring a Union Jack design filled with cats, horses and insect illustrations.

“Guess who gets feted, guess who gets petted?

From Berwick to Chiswick, from Hampstead to Hove

From every corner, all species of fauna

Find favour with Brits ‘cos we love ‘em, By Jove!”

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