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Silken Favours collection – ‘Best of British Beasties’ 

The collection is made up of four themed hand-drawn scarves each one representing the wildlife from a specific area, Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. The labels creator Vicki Murdoch who finds her inspiration in the natural world, takes a playful and warm hearted approach to her subjects. Using a traditional and intricate technique of pen and ink, Vicki captures a unique and beautiful illustration of flora and fauna in every one of her designs. Each piece from Silken Favours is an artwork to be worn and treasured forever.



Scottish Splendour

Sound the pibroch, shake the sporran

No need to visit somewhere foreign

Purple crags and awesome vistas

Aching calves and heels with blisters

A hotchpotch Scotch concoction


Intricately Irish

Lush and verdant, soft and clement, free from serpent.

Smokey peat fires, kindling desires.

Ireland inspires.


Wonderfully Welsh

Sonorous and luscious green

A male voice choir in a pastoral scene

A fusion of shades and melodic effect

All of Wales is pitch perfect


Quintessentially English

Tell all the ladies who hunt with the Quorn

To take off their jodhpurs, abandon the horn

Then put on some lippie and wear their best gown

That suave Tricky Dicky has moved into town.



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